Sunday, January 29, 2012

Put a Spring in Your Step with Just Fabrics Knitted Flowers.

The winter weather outside may be dreary, miserable and dull but that doesn't mean you have to be as well! With all this wrapping up warm we are having to do recently, here at Just Fabrics we are encouraging our customers to look forward to spring by customising those winter woollies with the bright addition of knitted spring flowers.

These creations are available in many different styles sizes and colours, so you are sure to find something to put a little spring sunshine into your dreary old knitwear. It is so easy to customise your winter scarf, cardigan, hat, gloves with the addition of these bright and cheerful flowers. All you have to do is choose flower you like best and with a few simple hand stitches you can sew your spring flower to your knitwear. Then voĆ­la! you have transformed those old winter woollies into warm and fashionable in an instant. If you are unsure of how to attach the flowers to your garment, out friendly and helpful staff will be happy to guide you, or alternatively,  you could read our Just Fabrics guide to hand sewing:

 Why not let us know your favourite flower choice or even better send us a picture of how you used your knitted flower to customise your knitwear?
We love to hear from you, so get knitting and show us your creations!
AnemoneArum LilyCherry BlossomCactus FlowerChrysanthemumClematisCosmosDaffodilDaisyGrape HyacinthHibiscusPansyPeace LilyPeriwinklePoppyRoseSweet WilliamTulipWater LilyZinnia

A Tribute.

We would like to dedicate today's blog post to John Francis, the founder of family business, Just Fabrics, who sadly passed away, aged 64, on the 04.01.2012 at home surrounded by close friends and family.

Just Fabrics was originally started as a market stall in Chatham in the late 1980's. Due to the stall's popularity the business was able to expand and by the early1990's the business had branched out across Kent with stores opening in Chatham, Gillingham and Canterbury. The Chatham branch was then taken over by John's daughter Kerry in 1996 and still remains today.

A tribute for John was posted in the Medway Messenger on the 16th Jan 2012, it said;

"A FORMER Medway businessman and Conservative Kent county councillor has died after a battle with cancer.
John Francis, 64, who was the founder of family-run business Just Fabrics, in the Pentagon Shopping Centre, in Chatham, lived in the Lordswood area of Chatham for many years."

Many of the staff and customers of Just Fabrics, old and new, still remember John with great affection and we here at Just Fabrics would like to thank them for the kindness and support they have shown over the years and during this hard-time.

From friends, family and all of us at Just Fabrics, you will be greatly missed.
All our love and may you rest in peace.

John Francis
15.04.1947- 04.01.2012 

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