Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Those Crafty Kids

On those long rainy days finding activities to do with your children can be hard. So here on this blog post we have come up with a few ideas to get your children creative with Just Fabrics.

Our first idea is puppets. With a variety of differet coloured fabrics, laces, ribbons, trims, buttons, googly eyes and much more to chose from; your children can really unleash their creativity and make a unique creation. 
Here at Just Fabric's we would like to suggest felt be your fabric choice for your puppet. Felt is available in Just Fabrics in many colours and sizes. We sell felt either in a variety of different square sizes or by the metre. 
So lets begin with how to make your puppet. 
1.Firstly decide on the shape of the puppet, will it be a finger puppet or a hand puppet? The animal puppets above are finger puppets and the puppets to below are the shape of hand puppets. 
2. Whatever shape you would like your puppet to be, cut out two identical pieces of felt in this shape, like we have pictured below.
Tip. If you are having trouble with your shape draw around your hand or finger giving a centimetre of extra space as you draw around. 
Annie Childrens Sewing Class The Sewing Room
3. Place both pieces of felt together and sew around the edges leaving the space where your hand will be inserted. This can be hand sewn or sewn with a sewing machine.
4. Now turn your puppet inside out and Voila! Your puppet has already taken shape.
5. Now you are free to be as creative as you like, and decorate your puppet as you please. You can add googly eyes to give your puppet character. These are available in store in different shapes and sizes.
You can add feathers, use fabric glues, add buttons, use ribbons, laces trims or sew details into your puppet with a coloured cotton. All of these products are available in store, so why not pop down to Just Fabrics and make a puppet of your own?
French knitting is a way to keep kids crafty whilst they watch the TV, are listening to the radio or having a chat with friends and family. Children can also create friends and relatives a present with the finished product by wrapping the wall into a spiral like a snail shell and sewing it together to create a coaster, a table mat or a rug: depending on how much has been made. French knitting dolls are available in the Just fabrics store and make the perfect present for any child that loves to creative. A variety of Robin Wools are also available in store in many different colours and thickness's. 
We also have a variety of cross stitch kits available at Just Fabrics, some plain and some with patterns. We also have various size needles so that even the little ones can have a go at creating a cross stitch creation.
If you and your little ones want to get arty, you can create works of art on most fabrics with the Leeho Fabric pens. These pens are available in colour, glitter and pearl in the Just Fabrics store today! So now you can Jazz up a boring old T-shirt, customise your slippers or create a Moet on your dressing gown.


If your child is a Brownie, a Girl Guide, a Cub or a Scout they can earn their hobby and craft badges and awards by using any of the ideas shown here on this blog. If they would like to earn these badges  the helpful staff at Just Fabrics will be happy to give you information and advice as to how your children can obtain these awards.

Girl Guides
Scouts/ Cubs

If you would like to purchase any of of the products you have seen on this blog, you can order by phoning 01634 827063.
Or come and visit us 109 The Pentagon Shopping Centre, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4HW. If you are still unsure as to how to find us you can look on Google maps by clicking this link.   

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